We model and improve the sustainability of your products

Metinsi! Let’s get started! That is what we say in the region I come from.  In Friuli, the lack of resources has always been an incentive to do better with less. Inspired by the same pragmatic and proactive attitude, I develop accessible, viable, and fast solutions to boost the sustainability of products and the awareness of it among your stakeholders


  • Impact evaluation
  • sustainability management and certification
  • life-cycle thinking in product development
  • trainings and workshops

  • project management and funding
  • multiphysics simulations
  • technology scouting, feasibility studies, early-stage development
  • Quality and Environmental Management

About me

Grown up and educated in Italy, I moved to Austria in 2006 to work in the high-tech industry, where I covered different technical and management roles in the R&D department. I integrated my engineering background with an MBA and with an education in Quality and Sustainability Management. In 2019 I turned entrepreneur with re-cube, a start-up project supported by Science Park Graz. Since then, technologies for the circular economy and sustainable development have become the backbone of my activities.

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